The scientific identity of Cosmos Education- Planetary Research is driven by the following three axes: 

​Axis 1: Scientific knowledge: nature, circulation, evolution: this axis aims to shed light on the dynamics of scientific knowledge (within the historical, educational, and public spheres), as well as the production of tools and/or artifacts promoting its understanding and its construction. The research that feeds this axis is strongly linked to the epistemology of the disciplines concerned.

Axis 2: Activities of pupils and students: this axis, centered on the individual whose learning includes the study of their difficulties and their strategies during “key” transitions (CM2 / 6e, 3e / 2nde, High school / University, and more broadly the study of the activities of pupils and students during didactic transactions.

Axis 3: Practices and training of science teachers and trainers: this axis favors the study of the practices of teachers (from primary to higher education) and trainers, in specific disciplinary fields, for better understand the springs and possible levers.

These three axes delimit the profile of the scientific activity of the Cosmos Education- Planetary Research if we add that the whole take on board and becomes clearer with regard to 1 / the “institutions” which constrain and nourish the system or the elements of the system {knowledge/teacher/ pupil-student}, 2/tools in the broad sense (artifacts, resources, supports, scenarios …), semiotic dynamics that carry didactic transactions (ICT, measuring device, historical text, language, etc. .). They are operationalized around major themes worked on within projects and groups involving theoretical and applied productions.