The Cosmos Education- Planetary Research is a multidisciplinary research unit whose disciplinary anchors are mainly didactic, cognitive and clinical psychology and the language sciences.

A research unit focused on educational issues, Cosmos Education- Planetary Research develops an activity primarily addressed to the academic world (scientific production and dissemination, support to the community, student training), but also to education and training stakeholders (reports intended for experts, decision-makers and executives; tools for professionals and their training). The main subjects studied are the contents and the curriculums; the practices (teaching, training and assessment) and discourses of education professionals; learners’ speeches and the design, uses and dissemination of educational technologies. The practices of the different actors are considered in their interrelation, and by considering the institutional and social contexts in which they take place; cultural references, social representations, personal characteristics and subjectivity of the actors; and finally the resources summoned and the instruments – in particular computerized – used by these actors.