Understanding the Planetary Cycle

The stars (particularly the slower planets, from Jupiter to Pluto), in their course, and in particular in their mutual encounters (conjunctions), define conditions of a “meteorological” or “climatic” nature that make it possible to better understand the challenges. offered to our Humanity, in the perspective of its awakening to a greater awareness of the very foundations of life on this Earth. In any case, these astral positions can not induce events, on the other hand, the mental/emotional climate which they illustrate can result in events.

Regardless of the detail of historical events, what strikes me as essential is to understand the meaning of the History that underlies each cycle.

What is interesting, but which goes beyond the framework of this study, is to follow the evolution of each inter-cycle. In analogy with the lunation which begins with the New Moon (conjunction Sun / Moon), each inter-cycle passes through the first quarter which results in a crisis in action, to then reach the opposition of the planets concerned (Full Moon), which marks a turning point in the objectives set up since the conjunction and to finish with the last district which takes stock of the past inter-cycle and prepares the next one.

It is interesting to note that, at certain moments in its history, humanity as a whole has tended to go in the opposite direction to the state of mind proposed by the great inter-cycles of the moment …

On a personal level, it can be interesting for a human being born at the beginning of a great inter-cycle to be inspired by the atmosphere illustrated by the hexagram of Yi Jing which is correlated to him …

  1. For the association of the degrees of the zodiac with the hexagrams of Yi Jing, I used the version proposed by Human Design System.

Planetary keyboard

Pluto: the seeker of truth, the one who destroys in order to rebuild.

  • All forms of power and wealth, re-creativity or enslavement according to intention
  • Energy of crisis, death and regeneration
  • Faculties of transformation – alchemy
  • Destroy taboos and illusions to be reborn to a sincere and authentic life. Awareness of its spiritual dimension embodied in the world of duality.
  • Tendency to self-destruction, to extremist and die-hard reactions because there is no more hope.

Neptune: the inspired, the intuitive, the mystical

  • Energy of inspiration and intuition to free oneself from matter, to listen to one’s inner being, one’s soul and the Universe
  • Humanitarianism, dedication, perception of other worlds, with the risk of illusions or unnecessary sacrifices. Sense of interdependence and impermanence. Awareness of its spiritual dimension.
  • Spirituality and religions, collective or community feeling, common heritage, trade unionism. Communication with other worlds.
  • Tendency to a planetary consciousness in communion with all forms and all dimensions of life.

Uranus: the awakened one, the one who liberates and frees himself

  • Energy of questioning allowing us to free ourselves from conventional or stereotypical patterns, stifling our authenticity in its differentiated expression
  • Energy that blows up all blockages
  • Dare to live your difference and your genius while remaining integrated into the world (cf. Tchouang Tseu: one must adapt to the world without denying oneself). No dependence and solidarity.
  • Invention, innovation, planetary diffusion, waves and vibratory context, space, galaxies, media and computing.
  • Tendency to solidarity individualism, or to revolt against structures (“free our comrades!”).

Saturn: the wise, the one who is responsible for himself because he knows how to manage the frustration of immediacy

  • Energy of renouncing the immediate in a long-term strategy, a structuring force which allows to go to the essential and which develops the adult side of the personality
  • Refocus, get to the point, eliminate the superfluous or the obsolete. Autonomy and responsibility.
  • Tradition and traditions (which can go as far as fundamentalism), social and political organization, societal structures and values ​​which are the basis of good living together.
  • Tendency to recession and restructuring, to lean cows, to austerity.

Jupiter: the enthusiast, the one who knows how to take his place and enjoy life

  • Energy to fit into the social framework, find its rightful place, take advantage of the opportunities offered by the environment. Need to improve and push your limits.
  • Energy of expansion, openness, adventure, learning by going out of your comfort zone
  • Knowing how to recognize oneself at one’s own true worth.
  • The economic (and social organization which results from it), the transmission of knowledge and skills, the laws and rules which organize the good living together.

Tendency to growth, development, prosperity, and progress.