This is something common to hear. Fast and secure investment are conducive to generating greater profitability. But not quite.

This view may be somewhat utopian. By defining your application in the short term, you may experience a loss in terms of income, just for the given period. It all depends on the investment and the goal you want to achieve.

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And that raises the ultimate question:

Does not fast and secure investment really generate greater profitability?

Does not fast and secure investment really generate greater profitability?

Investment in quick applications is a good option, but when it comes to profitability, there is a conflict. With quick applications, there is less time to get the return on equity.

That is, your income will not be greater. Or worst. In some cases, if there is a redemption before the stipulated deadline, you still risk losing a portion of what you have earned.

This in the matter of time. How much about safety, you can not take a chance. In parts, this is not bad, but it also does not guarantee a high return.

In this case, they are situations of comparison. And it depends a lot on your investor profile. If you are more conservative, looking for an immediate goal without supporting the capital swings, it is better to invest fast and securely.

Now, if you want to take risks, it is advisable to go after applications. Since they guarantee greater profitability.

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Investment Options

Investment Options

With the desire to follow a fast and secure line of investment, even with low profitability, there are good investment options.

LCI (Letters of Real Estate Credit), LCA (Agribusiness Credit Letters), CDB (Certificate of Deposit) and Selic Treasure are examples for you. But it is important to warn that this type of investment should be part of any investor’s portfolio.

Since diversifying applications is the most appropriate to guarantee positive results in the growth of your income.