Findloan Come I want personale a personal loan based on flexibility and content.
It is a Findloan offer, limited in time, but which is periodically renewed and with a strong appeal because, indeed, it seems well reasoned, allowing us to modify the installment (within the limits that we will see), and very competitive, with 2-3 percentage points of taeg less than much of the competition.

Loan Features How I Want to

Loan Features How I Want to

This is a common personal loan accompanied by two options aimed at making it flexible and “in tune” with the economic and financial crisis we are experiencing and which makes the family budget often a real battlefield.
The two options are:

  • the possibility of modifying the installment within a maximum limit, called “high installment” and a minimum, “low installment” defined at the time the contract is signed. Do not expect to pass, for example, from an installment of 200 euros to one of 50! The variation limit, based on the examples shown on the Findloan website, appears to be in the order of more or less 30 euros per month.
  • the possibility to queue one or more installments, skipping the monthly payment. It is an option that also presents in other loans and that gives an extra tranquility to those who are just on the limit with the expenses and allows them to avoid delays or failed payments for the loan in progress and for those who want to request in the coming years, with Findloan or anyone else.

The options have applicability requirements.

  • the first requirement that the first 6 installments of the loan have already been paid.
  • the second that the installments are always paid on a regular basis, ie in the times and in the manner provided for by the contract, ie monthly, with debit on the current account and, of course, in full!
  • the installment and related queuing jump can be done only once every 12 months and in any case not more than 3 times during the entire duration of the loan.
  • the modification of the installment can be done only once but monthly (therefore also every month but no second thoughts!)
    The two edit and jump options cannot be used simultaneously.

Nothing to say about the taeg which, as mentioned, is very competitive: 7.85% fixed, regardless of the duration and amount of the loan disbursed.
The minimum amount that can be requested is € 1,000, the maximum € 60,000, paid by bank transfer to the debtor’s current account – therefore it is not necessary to open new accounts – or by sending a check with insurance.

The loan is granted with a digital signature: through two codes, the PIN chosen by the customer and the OTP sent by text message from Findloan, the debtor can accept the contract – essentially how to sign it – directly online, shortening the communication time and disbursement and limiting the hassles of normal shipping – signing – referral of non-digitally signed solutions.

Who can request Findloan How I want

Who can request Findomestic How I want

The loan can be requested by employees, retired or self-employed. The availability of an income is therefore important but the form of contract through which it is perceived is irrelevant.
You must be aged between 18 and 75 and reside in Italy.