Last week, Brand Finance released the report with the list of the most valuable brands in the world . Because the company is a world leader in business consulting and evaluation, the list is considered the most respected in the market . And investors always use it to plan their financial strategies.

According to the survey, Amazon is in first place, worth $ 187.9 billion . The second place was with Apple ($ 153.6 billion) and then Google ($ 142.7 billion).

The top 5 is completed by Microsoft and Samsung . The brand created by Bill Gates and Paul Allen was valued at $ 119.59 billion, while that of Lee Byung-chull at $ 91.28 billion.

The list goes on with AT & T , Facebook , ICBC , Verizon and China Construction Bank .

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Because they are very valuable companies worldwide, it would be a dream to invest in them to get more money. And know that this is possible. So, let’s show you how you can invest in the most valuable brands .

Investment in the most valuable brands

Investment in the most valuable brands

Seven of the 10 most valuable brands on the list are from the United States. Which means your investment has to be international, even if you live in Brazil. But calm, which is quieter than it seems.

The American stock market had a delicate phase in the last quarter. Mainly by the trade war with China and the fight of President Donald Trump with the Fed (Central Bank) . Although it sounds negative, this, in fact, is a great opportunity to invest.

Especially when you have a bold profile, intending to invest in the long term.

The S & P 500 (Standard & Poor’s 500) is an important factor to evaluate for investments. Also because the acronym is an index composed of 500 assets that are listed on the NYSE and NASDAQ stock exchanges . These assets are qualified by market size, liquidity and industrial group representation.

Since the index’s appearance in 1957, the S & P 500 has undergone some periods of oscillation. But even with significant declines, there have been even better recoveries . And buying low you can buy more stocks with big returns.

Amazon, for example, is one of the leading companies in the index. The brand started high last year, but suffered the fall in the last quarter along with other large companies. However, since the beginning of 2019, shares have appreciated more than 466% .

Here in Brazil, a good way is through the Warren application. According to the platform, in-app equity investments involve much of the US equity fund portfolio involved with the most valuable brands . Like the aforementioned Amazon, Google and AT & T. Another interesting point is that if the companies get more expensive, you gain with the discharge. Without being impacted by the dollar variation.