We come to a point in our life that we wonder if we are satisfied with our financial reality. Especially in relation to salary. In the end, the bottom line is that you can currently earn more than you earn today . Not only can, but should. After all, everyone seeks their financial freedom.

It is not quite a rule, but scholars make reflections about the age of 25 to 45 being the best in life. Even because many consider the phase of greater growth in the professional career . But this kind of thinking is changing from generation to generation.

In the time of our great-grandparents, for example, life was simpler. In some cases, only the basics were missing. In the next generation – of the grandparents – there was an improvement in the quality of life. The house was already better and many came to complete their studies. In the generation of our parents, this has evolved even more – of course, with exceptions.

In the present generation, we have problems. Some even worse than the previous generation. This was due to financial crises, which reduced the number of jobs and, consequently, decreased prospects. Before, everything was more assured, due to the economic stability that the country was.

This model no longer exists today. Training is not a concrete guarantee of employment or stability .

This causes many to sacrifice their personal lives to be able to work harder to increase profit. And achieve the least financial freedom.

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Achieving financial freedom

 Achieving financial freedom

From the current scenario, one must learn to transform . Or do you expect to continue living by the model of the past generation? As we have shown, going to college, taking good grades and getting a degree no longer guarantees the employment of dreams.

If you still believe that, you have to change. And changes require sacrifices. Then check out the three that need to be done to achieve the then financial freedom.

Current job

 Current job

The first step is to be clear about what you want out of life . With this, establish your professional goal . It is still possible to pursue a traditional career in a company, so if that is your goal, do not abandon it.

It is also possible to be a freelance professional, freelancer, have their own clientele and still doing what they like. After all, the internet has shown that this is actually possible. Or even want to be a public servant. Guess what? This is also possible.

No matter what, know exactly what your professional goal is. Because without that goal in mind, it will be harder to make money. When you choose conflicting paths, your potential is wasted. But when you become fully sure about what you want to do, it’s time to do what you have to do.

Put ideas into practice . Take risks, err and learn from them. Take control of your risks and do not stop. Remember that working on something you do not like is time wasted . So invest in yourself .

When you get a significant income, it’s time to start investing, too, your money. After all, it is important to have two sources of income.

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Comfort present by the future

This is something you need to sacrifice. You can do this within a 30-day challenge . The first step of the challenge is to share its three pillars of wealth building . In case:

  • Income
  • Savings
  • Investments

The first task of the challenge is to write down your spending for the next month. And in the simplest way possible. The second task is to consolidate all expenses into an expense worksheet . The third and final task is to analyze your spending so you can work out a personal budget for the next month.

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Comfort and comfort zone

 Comfort and comfort zone

Sacrifice these two characteristics of your routine. And for that, it involves investments . Consequently, it involves challenge. In that case, it’s a challenge to make your money work for you and he calls “invest $ 100 in Treasury Selic.”

If you already invest in Treasure Selic, the challenge then is to climb one more step. Then, invest in private securities, be it a CDB, LC, LCI or LCA. If you already do this, start investing in a debenture, multimarket fund, real estate fund or directly in stocks.

Definitely, just doing this does not guarantee financial freedom . However, just putting money to work already changes the investment outlook. With this, you begin to develop your self-discipline to invest more regularly , as well as motivation to go after new knowledge.

Regardless of your will, it is your responsibility to transform yourself in the face of world change . And for this, it is necessary to choose the easy way or the difficult one.