Wedding loan banks, marriage loan banks , how to get a marriage loan, 2019 marriage wedding loan information is included in the continuation of our article. Wedding loans that banks, these loans are recognized as marriage loans. For couples who are on their way to marriage, this is a credit facility to cover their expenses.

Banks define marriage loans in the category of consumer loans. There is a marriage loan for couples who want to get married not only in banks but in the state. In this article, we will give you information about both the banks that give marriage loans and the state-funded marriage loans. What are the banks that give marriage loans?

What is Marriage Loan?

What is Marriage Loan?

Who want to get married, who want to make wedding and do not have sufficient financial means are able to offer their customers various campaigns within marriage banks loans and credit wedding loans in packages such campaigns. However, this does not mean that the credit of each married person and each individual who wishes to have a wedding will be approved . If you need an emergency approved loan in such cases, you should get more information about state-funded marriage loans.

The loans granted by the banks to individuals who cannot cover their wedding expenses may also be called wedding loans . These credits are intended to help the couples who will be married to cover the wedding , honeymoon , goods and other expenses . Now, let’s come to where these supports are received from which banks.

Government Supported Marriage Loan


It is a credit facility arranged in line with the advantages offered by the state to married couples . There are conditions for obtaining a state-funded marriage loan . The necessary conditions for the loan offered by the Ministry of Family and Social Policies;

  • They must be at least 18 years old and at most 24 years old. This requirement was changed to a maximum of 26 for university graduates.
  • The record should be clean and there should be no serious crimes.
  • A commission should be determined to explain the financial impossibility.
  • Couples should not have been married before.

The Ministry of Family and Social Policies can apply for a marriage loan if the requirements are met. State-assisted marriage loan characteristics;

  • There is no obligation to pay back the first year.
  • A maximum of 10 thousand TL can be withdrawn in marriage loan.
  • 36 months maturity is offered.
  • The government gives marriage loans at low interest rates.
  • Couples can postpone the state-funded wedding loan for another year if they have children in the first year.

State-assisted marriage loan applications can be made from the branches of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies. If you would like to know more about government grants, you can visit our Government Grants section and get information about other grant loans and grants.

Couples who comply with these requirements may apply to the Ministry of Family and Social Policies for state-funded wedding loans . A maximum of 10 thousand TL can be withdrawn in the state-funded wedding loan, which is not obliged to repay the first year. The government offers a 36-month maturity and gives the loan with low interest rates. The loan, which is non-refundable for one year, has the possibility to postpone the state-funded wedding loan of the couples for another year if the first year has children. Application for state-funded marriage loans can be made through the branches of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies.

Wedding Lending Banks List

We have listed the marriage loan banks below. In case some banks request different documents, you can provide the necessary controls from the list. The documents requested by the banks in the application process and interest rates are given.

The highest credit withdrawal amount is TL 100,000. Maturity is 36 months. Interest rates vary according to a person’s credit preference. The documents that the Bank may request if approved in the loan application;

  • Payroll,
  • Document showing the income status for tradesmen / tax plate,
  • Pension income certificate for retirees,
  • Persons with any external income (rent, allowance) should document this income.

Good Finance Bank Marriage Loan


The maximum credit withdrawal limit for the non- commercial marriage loan is TL 85,000. Maturity rate is the same as every bank, but it is 36 months under the obligation. Guarantee bank interest rates;

  • 1,59% interest rate for 1,000-25,000 TL
  • 1.49% interest rate for 25.000-50.000 TL
  • For the 50.000-75.000 TL interest rate is applied as 1.39%.

Conditions, interests and limits of wedding loans vary according to the banks. But there are certain rules.

  • Maturity rates are limited to a maximum of 36 months.
  • The amount of credit to be withdrawn is determined according to the income status of the individual.
  • As it is covered by the general purpose loan, the individual must be subject to the RUSF and BITT taxes.
  • Possibility to postpone installments.
  • Couples can vouch for each other.

The most appropriate marriage loan was Good Finance Bank by considering maturity, interest and maximum limits. Good Lender and Good Finance Bank compete in this respect. While the interest rate determined by Good Finance Bank for TL 20,000 is 1,59%, Good Lender’s interest rate for 20,000 is 1.19%. However, the advantage of Good Finance is that interest rates are still low if the limit increases. While the interest rate for TL 20,000 is higher than Good Lender, the interest rates in other amounts are lower than other banks.

This is the general logic of marriage loans . However, as mentioned at the beginning of our article, it does not mean that all married couples will be approved by looking at their name. Applicants need to complete the necessary documents in the case are examined in detail and refer possible to use it deemed appropriate credit approved credit not found any obstacles. Your credit rating is also an important factor at this stage. Nevertheless, you can send us all the points you can think of about the wedding loan from the comments section below.